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For as far back as I can remember, music & entertainment have been my passion. I grew up singing & performing around my hometown of Houston & my 1st dream was to be a Grammy Award-winning singer. I studied radio & TV in high school & college, which is where I first realized that I had the radio bug. So I started my professional career in Houston, then achieved my dream of having my own radio show in New York City & now I'm in one of THE most gorgeous cities in the country, San Diego. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure I didn't just dream the amazing career I've had!

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Shelley’s New York Playlist – Universal Hip-Hop Museum

On my “Shelley’s New York Playlist” digital travel show, I take you along as I explore places, events and experiences in New York City and the entire Tri-State Area. In this episode, Universal Hip-Hop Museum Executive Director Rocky Bucano gives me a tour of the museum in The Bronx and discusses this year’s 50th anniversary […]

Shelley’s New York Playlist

I’m excited to launch “Shelley’s New York Playlist,” my digital show where I’ll be taking you with me around NYC & beyond! After 8 years away, I’m back in the Big Apple & there are so many new places & things to discover… View this post on Instagram A post shared by Shelley Wade (@theoneandonlyshelleywade) […]

Podcast Episode 9 – Who Am I Meant to Be?

In Episode 9 (Who Am I Meant to Be?), of my “All The Way with Shelley Wade” podcast, listen along as I take a personality quiz and discover that the quiz came amazingly close to describing me exactly! The episode and link are below. Also keep scrolling down to find out how you can take […]

I've always been a student of Pop Culture with a voracious appetite for knowledge of all things entertainment. So appearing on TV as a Pop Culture & entertainment expert has been a natural progression for me. I regularly appear on national TV shows like "The Talk" on CBS, The Today Show on NBC, CNN & more.
Photo of Shelley Wade
Photo of Shelley Wade
The aspect of my career that I love the most is the positive impact I can have on listeners & viewers. I like to use my platform for goodness. My mom once read me a quote that said, 'Kindness is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back.' I love that because I wholeheartedly believe that if you put positive energy out into the Universe, it comes right back to you. So when I open that mic or look into that camera, there's always good intention.